Hello, my name is Eun-kyeong Jeong (Veronica)
I Paint,Draw and make Jewellery
I love to draw portraits of your friends, family or your favorite pet.
All I need from you is a picture... past or present.  From it I can  
produce a beautiful pencil portrait to be cherished for years to come.
My drawings make great gifts for all occassions... like birthdays...
Christmas...weddings etc.
I can combine multiple pictures into one drawing for you.
I also love to paint....
I can paint your favorite pet or animal on a rock.
Check out the Rock Paintings page to see some of my beautiful creations.
Rocky Point Park in Port Moody 2008
Please enjoy my art works!!
Please enjoy my art works!!
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I was born in Korea and lived there until I got married.
I used to play piano in high school until I fell in love with Drawing and Painting.
I hold a graduate degree in graphic design from a Korean university. After, I graduated from university, I worked in broadcasting for many years as a computer graphic designer.
I came to Canada after I married a cool Canadian(Bill) in late 2001.
By the way,  I have been drawing and painting since 2002 as an artist.